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The Fall from Nancy Grace (How to Produce a Suicide) September 13, 2006

Posted by earthlingconcerned in Suicide.

The majority of you out there who get CNN Headline News and Court TV will know of Nancy Grace, self appointed avenger of the wrongs committed by the judicial system. Her pompous, arrogant and ultra aggressive attitude has always been part of her reckless persona in the past. The methods in dealings with the Elizabeth Smart, Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson cases (just to name a few) have all been shrouded with controversy. However, as of today, her approach may have been the catalyst to the suicide of Melinda Duckett, the mother of 2-year old Trenton who went missing a few weeks ago.

On September 7th, Melinda was interviewed on Grace’s CNN show and was hounded to be clear about whether she had taken a polygraph, and where she was shopping when her son before he went missing. During the interview, Nancy continuously pounded on her desk demanding, Where were you? Why aren’t you telling us where you were that day? It’s this kind of respectful tone and professionalism that has helped promote her to that of a royal bitch. The mother was never officially considered as of a suspect until after her death (although she was questioned by investigators as would be expected in any open kidnapping case) but Nancy sure made it appear that way. Melinda’s grandfather disputed that she had any involvement in the disappearance of her son (also to be expected) and seemed to place some blame on Nancy regarding the suicide by saying, “Nancy Grace and the others, they just bashed her to the end. She wasn’t one anyone ever would have thought of to do something like this. She and that baby just loved each other, couldn’t get away from each other. She wouldn’t hurt a bug.” Ultimately, she did worse to herself. So what does Nancy have to say about what happened? She’s guilt free of course! On Monday evening, she said that, “I do not feel our show is to blame for what happened to Melinda Duckett, Melinda committed suicide before that interview ever aired.”

I will say that the mothers actions were quite suspicious. It’s possible that she is guilty of something much more horrible than her own suicide. Finding out those truths, however, should be left to the investigators. During the September 13th episode, the two major ”breaking developments” that were discussed about the case was that Melinda and her 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse were seen near a construction site and also that she had attempted to sell the child seat from her car days before his disappearance. Suspicious indeed. My favorite moment in investigative reporting came when a caller suggested that, “since she was trying to sell the car seat, was it possible that she was trying to sell Trenton?” Nancy replied that she had thought of this on a number of occasions and quickly asked the waiting, former FBI agent, Mike Brooks, “What can you tell us about the idea that this child was actually sold?” Thanks to all the hard evidence which included the apparent sale of an infant car seat, a random caller, and a few supposed previous thoughts by Nancy, Mr. Brooks replied, “The possibility of him being sold, that’s something that should be looked into if it’s not already.” Case Closed! Actually, the world already has one James Frey. Furthermore, Joshua Duckett, the estranged husband, came to Nancy’s defense by claiming that no one made her appear on the show in the first place.

And now for a brief history lesson on Nancy Grace and the realities of television.

As mentioned earlier in this post. Nancy has been surrounded by controversy before. She fabricated many of the details of her fiancé’s 1979 murder. She continuously proclaimed that Richard Ricci (a suspect in the Elizabeth Smart case who later died in prison) was guilty, regardless of how little evidence was available against him. If you want an example of her in your face approach, please take a look at the following video:

This cheap, insincere approach at getting a good story regardless of the consequences defines Nancy Grace perfectly. Furthermore, during an interview on the Larry King Live, she continued to blast Scott Peterson’s father for coming to his defense long before he was found guilty of the crime. She also repeatedly made light of the Michael Jackson by showcasing the book, The Boy: A Photographic Essay, that was found in Michael Jackson’s bedroom during his most recent molestation trial. Regardless of whether or not her comments that he was found not guilty by reason of celebrity were humorous, she continues to step over the line. Not that I am a member of the Nancy Grace goon squad, but to suggest that no one made Melinda appear on the show seems a bit ridiculous to me.

In Chapter four of Laura Grindstaff’s, The Money Shot: Trash, Class, and the Making of TV Talk Shows, she discusses the efforts television producers go through to make great television. Dealing primarily with daytime television shows such as The Jerry Springer Show, Diana, and Maury Povich, the chapter discusses how the producers spend time with the upcoming guests, treat them like royalty, hint at what is expected and ultimately discard them as old news after taping wraps up. Supposedly there is a well known industry saying that goes, “Bring’em in by limo, send ‘em home by cab.” To suggest that Melinda Duckett woke up one morning and said to herself, “I’m going to give Nancy Grace a call, she’ll rid me of all my worries” is simply preposterous. The producers of the show surely wrangled her on with promises and reassurances that it was the right thing to do. In Laura Grindstaff’s book, she tells her readers that talk show guests are treated like Gods prior to tapings. Private dressing rooms or trailers (complete with name tags) are set up so that the aura of television is truly felt. The truth is always sought after but the exaggeration thereof is what producers are paid for. Considering we’re all brought up around television, and Melinda is no exception, when her telephone interview was conducted, she must have felt the pressure. With what is known about television production (it is after all a studied profession), what she was told to expect and what Nancy Grace dropped onto her are presumably completely different. Similarly with the video above, it seems obvious from Elizabeth Smarts reactions, that if she had known she would have been drilled about the kidnappings, she would not have come onto the show in the first place. So the interview ends, then what?

Then the producer finds the next story, Nancy Grace prepares her make-up and Melinda Duckett hangs up the phone in an even frailer state. Raw human emotions cannot be shut off at the end of a taping or the click of the phone. After the taping of a segment about gang violence on Maury Povich, a mother whose son was killed by a gang member remained so agitated by an argument with an audience member that she picked a fight with her friend who accompanied her to the taping. People are not props. Other times, guests will stay in the studio long after the taping, chatting away with the audience and signing autographs. I’m not saying producers are all heartless. Laura Grindstaff quotes one of the producers of the failed television show Diana with the following:

“I found producing too gut-wrenching, I just didn’t have the thick skin or whatever it is other producers seem to have. I’ll never forget this one show — this lady’s child was abducted right out of the home. Her pain was so great that it tore me up into pieces and I had to walk out of the studio halfway through the show because I was so emotional.” – The Money Shot: Trash, Class, and the Making of TV Talk Shows (Laura Grindstaff)

How relevant is that? But the fact remains, everything about the television you watch is rigorously being produced behind the scenes. Sometimes the reality of humanity is forgotten. Regardless of the innocence or guilt of the mother, for Nancy to suggest that her interview had nothing to do with the suicide is complete and utter garbage. One thing remains crystal clear in this story, that is that Melinda Duckett was alive every day during her 21 plus years on this planet, and that one day after the interview, she was not.



1. zasos - September 14, 2006

Nancy Grace is a revolting individual who makes good $$ by atracting eyeballs to a “train reck”… she might become that “train reck” one day.

2. Jake Lin - September 14, 2006

I as an asian man am tired of our women being exploited as whores by europeans and you americans. It looks to me like she got what she had coming, she was a disgrace before the child went missing. She did what was the only honorable thing. My family and friends who were aware of the case are all pleased and happy a women with such little respect for her people would finally do the right thing. Whore.

3. Ontario Emperor - September 14, 2006

The URL here links to a number of comments, including one from Caleb who noted that people whose children are missing often ARE distraught, so Duckett’s behavior during the interview may be completely understandable.

On the other hand, Nancy Grace has many um…die-hard fans. And I bet her ratings have gotten a spike over the last couple of days.

4. Michael F. - September 14, 2006

The first few times I watched Nancy Grace, I too was a little concerned about the way that she conducted herself and also concerned about the treatment of her guests. However, if you watch and pay attention, Her guests quite ofter try to duck her questions and not answer, or try to manipulate the interview. I think she asks the questions that need to be asked and questions that need to be answered. I personally think she has done a good job. Go get em’ Nancy.

5. intrigued - September 14, 2006

I like Jake Lin’s Sept. 14 comments above. His words appear intelligent and show him to be a thoughtful man. I personally didn’t know that there was such a negative bias regarding Asian women but now that I do, I will try not to see them as whores and I will try to view Caucasian women more frequently as the whores that they are. Thanks Jake Lin for setting the record straight. I didn’t know much about this suicide…………but I can’t wait to learn more!!

6. Edward - September 14, 2006

The first time I saw and heard Nancy Grace speak on TV, I couldn’t believe they would allow such a phony on TV. Her presentation is pathetic, I can’t see how anyone can think she has any logical intelligence. Obviously she has fans otherwise she would have been booted from CNN long ago, but hopefully she will wear on people and she will be yesterday’s news soon. One can only hope that this young woman didn’t kill her son and Nancy Grace will be held responsible for her suicide.

7. Mary - September 14, 2006

Nancy Grace is a bully of the worse kind. She slams people, guilty or innocent, with no regard for anyone’s feelings and is a blatent user of the media to further herself. She never heard of innocent until proven guilty and I don’t wonder that she is no longer a proscuter. She should be disbarred and taken off the air. Maybe working at a job which requires elbow grease and miminum wage would help her get in touch with real people.

8. Larry Martin - September 14, 2006

Nancy Grace is a disgrace to CNN, herself and to the CNN’s viewers. She is a pompous, arrogant and self-centered person who has no respect for people’s feelings except her own.

CNN at one time was a great station to watch, but lately they have been coming up with a lot of crap. Fox is starting to look pretty good (ugh)

9. Tom - September 14, 2006

Looks like another issue were the media runs faster than the judicial process just to promote itself for ratings and viewers. Why bother have courts at all? Just let a media person decide and spin the story to make it “real”

If Duckett is guilty or not perhaps Grace should be found guilty in some manner having driven Duckett to suicide? Yeah! Were you you Grace when compassion, common sense interviewing were needed for the individual- not the masses. You were absent and failed in being a leader and example for the community. Failed to promote a simple basic of our justice system- innocent until proven guilty….. For what better ratings? better contract?

Some day we’ll get true unbiased, professional, factual news reporting and interviewing. But in our present tabloid, TV rags and fantasy driven times that will be far off

10. kay - September 15, 2006

Nancy Grace is a good lady.Duckett was suicidal last year if anyone cares to check out the entire story………..she had mental problems long before nancy Grace interviewed her,I think her depression cost her sons life.She wouldnt take a lie detector test because she knew her son was dead by her own hands.

11. Kaydee - September 15, 2006

Duckett was a crazy ass that killed her son………..

12. Rainer - September 15, 2006

I’ve watched Nancy Grace for short 5 minute spurts two or three times- I find her repulsive to listen too. The cases she discusses and has opinions about, are cases where it is obvious who the main suspect is. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist two figure out who these suspects are. Anyone can accuse someone of something. Yet she rambles on without to many intellegent comments and deductions, accept accussations about people. Sometimes she is correct and sometimes not, but she seems she is some know it all.
Other then Pat Roberston and Dick Cheney she is the biggest idiot I have ever had to listen too. That is why I don’t.

13. Christian - September 15, 2006

Well, what Nancy goes on and on about as evidence is at best speculation that truly is void of evidence. Even if someone had an argument and threatened something that is no evidence of going so far as to do it, and many times things seems or can be made to seem to be condemning proof when in fact something else was going on. Nancy has been outrageous with this case and did not reason caringly to Melinda. Her approach probably had Melinda defensive from the start, and she probably was advised not to give info to media (who then picks it apart to make it look suspicious), and many individuals do not trust lie detectors or the interpretations of police investigators. Honestly everything Nancy has said has been no evidence and actually character assassination.
I myself have been misrepresented and so-called evidence twisted into the opposite of what it was, so I am not no quick to buy into what things seem to be, what something in Nancy Grace tries to present as the truth of this woman, who, now dead, can’t even
respond. Where is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? The accusatory specualtive maligning and character assassination has been really reckless and irresponsible and unloving.

Even IF Melinda somehow got messed up enough to harm her child, as she then killed herself, the real fact is that she loved the child and her real self never would harm him or kill herself. She was tormented, under continual pressures that affected her reasoning and personality. Any loving person would forgive her immediately and completely, and I can say truly that she did not do it (even if it was done through her, which I pray it was not). And I pray that Nancy Grace will discover a better understanding of how to deal with things like this.

14. Bill B. - September 17, 2006

I watch Nancy Grace nearly every night. I was watching the show the night the interview with Melinda aired. In my opinion Nancy did nothing wrong at all. She was trying to help find Trenton and Melinda was obviously was trying to hide something. Melinda certainly helped turn the interview sour by being evasive on two very , very simple questions. The first one was Nancy asked her if she had taken a polygraph? Melinda didn’t answer yes or no which was unbelievable to me. Seems simple enough either you did or you didn’t. Because of Melinda being evasive with her answer Nancy asked her I think four times if she had taken a polygraph. Secondly Nancy asked Melinda where she had gone the day the child went missing. Melinda answered that she and Trenton had been shopping all day. Nancy then asked her specifically where she had gone shopping and which stores she had visited, incrediably this women who suppossedly is trying to find her 2 year old son refused to state where she had been exactly or which stores she had visited that day. So of course Nancy is beside herself as to why Melinda would not say where she had been and after she informed Melinda as to why such information was vital to maybe helping to find her son she presses Melinda about where they had been that day. Melinda still would not answer the question. Saying something along the lines that she didn’t trust the media and she wasn’t answering because she wasn’t letting the media know where she had been. Are you kidding me? Here is a Mother supoossedly looking for help finding her son and she will not say where she had been all day the day the child went missing. Of course that irritated Nancy. Hell it irritated my wife and I. We both started to believe Melinda was trying to hide something and may have been guilty of having everything to do with Trento’s disappearance. She sounded sooooo gulity. By the way Nancy grilled Trenton’s Dad the exact same way and because he honestly had nothing to do with Trenton’s disappearance he answered all her questions satisfactorly and wasn’t evasive on any questions. She asked him if he had taken a polygraph and he immediately said yes. She asked where he had been that day and he told her where he was and even what time he went to bed. Josh answered every question without hesitation. Melinda on the other hand was very evasive in her answers. She came off badly and she knew it. Maybe she did kill herself because of the interview. She knew that she had everything to do with that boy’s disappearance and she was smart enough to know that after that interview aired the nation would then know that she had done something to that little boy Her guilt caused her to kill herself.

15. Ontario Emperor - September 18, 2006

“She was trying to help find Trenton.”

That will be Grace’s justification (hmmm, sounds theological) from here on in. “I did it for the victim, and I don’t care who stands in my way.”

Not that this is unique to Grace – we all do it at one time or another – but while such tactics make for riveting TV, they’re not necessarily the best way to get to the truth.

16. Robin M - September 18, 2006

(To Sept 17 Bill B #14)

I could not agree w/you more and could not have said it better! Nancy Grace did not “force” Melinda to come on her show, (God forbid) if my child went missing I would be begging Nancy Grace or any media to cover my child’s disappearence –I would be providing every last detail. Anyone w/any sense knows that the more the media coverage the better chance a child has to be recovered. Nancy did get mad but only because her ONLY agenda was/is to find this little boy alive and if you are not the killer/kidnapper that would be your agenda!!!! Nancy did not interview Josh any different than Melinda w/the exception of where she was with Trenton the day before and I watched that show and listened to the questions and the “non” answers from Melinda. If I was in Nancy’s seat I would have gotten angry also if the only thing I was trying to do was help–I was angry at Melinda watching that show, my husband and I were yelling at the TV because we could not believe that this mother that was supposedly looking for her son would not give info that could possibly bring her boy back! I’m sorry for the grief that this family is going through but blaming Nancy Grace will not bring Melinda back or help find Trenton. They should be focusing on talking to the media about the most important thing TRENTON!

I thought that the way Nancy has handled this issue is very professional and good for her for not apologizing for something that was completely out of her hands.

17. GW - September 18, 2006

Nancy should battle with alike minds. It’s a total mismatch to argue points with an unstable mother that is at best distraught and at worst suicidial. Why doesn’t Nancy start interviewing the likes of our Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld or President George W Bush. Then, let the each of them verbally assassinate each other where there will be nothing but winners.

18. Lynn - September 19, 2006

Nancy Grace definitely did not handle her interview with Melinda
Duckett in a fair manner.
She automaticaaly becomes a accuser regardless of wheter or not
there has been a trial or verdict. She is very mean spirited &
abrasive & CNN would ber better off without her.

19. Avery - September 19, 2006

Nancy Grace may have been a lawyer, but she is not trained to interrogate witnesses in cases like these or remotely part of this investigation. Perhaps some people have watched too much fictional court room drama on TV if they confuse her role here as anything more. I don’t “blame” her for the suicide, but I think many of her comments following it have been out of line and harmful to the investigation. Anyone who has dealt with a horrific crime would know there is no right way to act, so trying to justify blaming the mother at this point with no inside knowledge of the investigation is despicable.

20. Mia - September 20, 2006

I do think that Nancy Grace was a little rough. But yet I don’t think that anyone in their right mind would have killed themself’s because you are being critized or questioned about your childs disappearence . I think that if that were my child missing I would have done anything to look for my child and would have cared less what Nancy said. I would of fought and would done anything to bring my child to safty and bring the person who kidnapped my child to justice. I really think that she killed herself because she was guilty. God forbid me but for you to take yourlife before knowing what happened to your child really makes you think.

21. latoyanne - September 20, 2006

Mia – Sept. 20
Well, if Melinda was on her “ok-mode” i don’t think she would have done that, as you’ve said. but don’t you think that you’ll go crazy if your son is missing without leaving a trace?? than this lady at the studio nearly yelling at you, banging the table and everything??? i don’t think that grace’s comments actually made melinda to kill herself but i’m sure the conttributed it on melinda from doing that. everyone who is about to kill themselves can’t be at their right mind, they can’t think critically.
oh.. and i agree with you GW sept. 18. and one more thing..
i hate nancy grace!!! she still thinks that she is the “somebody” and i think that she braggs a lot!!!! yuk!!! go home!!!!

22. mia - September 20, 2006

kay, kaydee setp. 15
two of you or if you are the same person, let me tell you something,,
everyone posting their opinions here, we all know that nancy is phony and stupid. i dont know how you can conclude that melinda killed her son. i dont know you can just say so easily that melinda was a “crazy ass” wouldnt you be another “crazy ass” if your son disappeared????
and kay, you dont know what really happend. melinda’s husband and her mother in law forced her to go to the mental institution, because their were trying to take the kid away, later, she came out right away because doctors have said that she wasnt “crazy” got it??
if you want to say something, say it, but please dont show your ignorant part of you by doing so.. ok?

23. Jenny Moran - September 21, 2006

There are too many presumptions without any real evidence in this case. Each time something “suspicious” is found, the media reports it as a major “breakthrough”… which later turns out to have no relation to the case.

I wish other angles of the case were investigated.

Everyone talks about what a nice man Joshua is. But, by the postings in her blog since February, and the comments of her friends, Joshua did NOT want to pay child support, he was being forced to pay by the state. She commented on this on June 21st, that the state child enforcement was going to make him pay the child support, which he wasn’t paying. He also had anger fits, and by the message he sent her he hated the mother and had no love for his child, whom he thought it wasn’t his.

I am not surprised he was the one setting fire to his mother’s business to implicate her.

Everyone talks about how “calm” Melinda was. Has anyone seen Josh shed a tear?

I agree with the assessment of Nancy Grace. I will not watch her show, as I do not watch Jerry Springer’s.

All this is my opinion, and how I feel about this whole mess.

24. earl - September 21, 2006

Nancy grace needs to commit suicide.

25. J.W. Bradbury - September 21, 2006

Ms. Grace and her program should be removed from the air, she does not represent any form of balanced reportage. As most realize she’s only doing a “Geraldo” routine with the covering of any of the stories she’s doing.

We’re not the only ones who don’t care much for Ms. Grace. Here is a link which shows how little the Court system thought of her when she was practicing law in Georgia.


I think Court TV has some good programming which files in a niche, but Ms. Grace is any but “good” with any of her moronic comments.


26. Burk - September 22, 2006

In the USA a person is supposed to be considered INNOCENT until they are PROVEN guilty in a court of law. It makes no difference whether or not Grace was “trying to find Trenton” or whether or not anyone was “forced” to be on her show, or even whether or not she was RIGHT about this woman, etc… The woman was publicly accused of murdering her baby by a trained prosecutor and television personality. She was ambushed by the ratings-hungry media and exploited. Guilty or not, a tacky TV show isn’t the place for a human being to be attacked and accused by a celebrity performer like Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace represents the worst lynch mob type of thinking where it’s okay for her to publicly accuse someone of murder (even if there’s no proof that a murder has even taken place!) if the person only “seems” guilty to her. It’s a witch hunt. Someone looks like a witch, so they’re instantly guilty of being a witch and they are executed. I suspect that Nancy Grace wouldn’t like it very much if someone were to accuse her of playing a part in a suicide… oh wait, that’s what’s happening. And guess what? She’s complaining these accusations against her are not fair! If Nancy Grace were interviewed by Nancy Grace, she would probably be pounding her accusitory fist on her desk shouting “You killed her!! You drove her to suicide by publicly accusing her of killing her baby when there was no evidence that anyone was murdered!!!” Nancy Grace is a hypocrite – and the “news” sources who use her are guilty of pandering to the type of people who think they can “see” guilt in a person’s eyes.

27. becky - September 23, 2006

nancy might have been direct to the point to melinda, but all melinda had to do was answer the question, she had to know it was going to be asked when she agreed to do the interview ,if she was so “distraught” about her son missing and couldn’t “think straight”she shouldn’t of been on live t.v to begin with.I live right here within 3 miles of all this happening and our community is more upset then melinda seemed to be!!

28. bill - September 24, 2006

From Melindas suicide letter. The balance of the letter spoke to the heavy media questions endured in interviews just before the suicide, including a confrontational spot on CNN Headline News’ Nancy Grace in which the host and guests openly questioned her innocence.

29. bill - September 24, 2006

LEESBURG, Fla — Investigators revealed Saturday they found a suicide note in the car of the mother of Trenton Duckett. They say the note contains evidence the child may still be alive.
The note is addressed to the public from Melinda Duckett and reads in part, “”You created rumors and twisted words. Usually I am strong and what others say does not affect me.”

It goes on to say, “”He was and always will be my essence and as he grows, I want him to know that.”
Investigators believe that line may indicate 2-year-old Trenton Duckett is alive.
This is from story on channel 9 from orlando.

30. swedishfish - September 26, 2006

Gah, regardless of what happened, Nancy Grace is still a terrible journalist.

31. Cody - October 6, 2006

I don’t care if the woman was suicidal or not, even knowing that a woman with such a repulsive personality like Nancy Grace is on TV makes my gut wrench. I have seen Nancy (on countless occasions)stop people rudely in the middle of what they are saying, and paraphrase a fabricated sentence as a substitute for the personal opinion she had requested not seconds before. The woman has such obvious talent, i just wish that she would take that talent and put it towards something a bit more proactive, like hosting “Extreme Home Makeover”, or simply not opening her mouth.

32. Michelle from Madison - November 29, 2006

On Tuesday night’s Nancy Grace show, she injected herself again into another active-police-investigation regarding a “microwaved-baby.” Nancy should have learned her lesson when she recently injected herself in a different active police investigation and the psychologically-fragile mother of a missing child soon after lost her life as a direct result of Nancy’s documented interference in the case. Bad Nancy, bad, bad Nancy. She really needs to be stopped from being a factor to the “injuries or deaths” of victims.




33. Michelle from Madison - December 26, 2006

Joe Scarborough’s show of MSNBC broadcasted another show that indicates that there is now a “suspect” (person-of-interest) in the Trenton Duckett case, and that the investigation is still on-going as of this date. The clip also confirms that “Nancy Grace is scared to death” about the Duckett lawsuit (and more lawsuits) coming against her and CNN for Nancy’s unprofessional and illegal conduct documented thus far in the Duckett case. If criminal charges come against Nancy, wonder if CNN will cover what Nancy gets served for dinner after she goes to prison? Hope the tickets are available soon for the upcoming trials against Nancy for her direct connection in the deaths of more people who were never criminally convicted including Melinda Duckett. Maybe Nancy will receive “chicken-on-bone” meal with a small cup of ice-cream.” If that is the case, maybe the public should conjure up a public-out-cry against Nancy for getting chicken and ice-cream in prison where she will likely also have access to a television too, but not to cable-television to watch Nancy’s replacement on her show. Ohhh, too bad Nancy. People have told you Nancy, you cannot continue to victimize the victims. Sounds like Nancy’s civil-illegal actions are finally catching up to Nancy, as it does with most criminals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF-w00BfRS0

34. James Staley - January 14, 2007

Since I started catching a half hour of Nancy Grace at lunch, I believe I have heard at least twice every single fallacy of logic I learned in school. Perhaps the most egregious use of illogic her her prolific use of “poisoning the well” with defense attorneys. If a defense attorney merely points out the logical conclusion that the person at topic presumably enjoys the presumption of innocence – Nancy sarcastically retorts that she is sticking up for the victim and they are soundly renounced for daring to defend the murderer – itself a good example of begging the question, since the issue at hand is the question of guilt.
This complete contempt for logic is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of her appeal. Our legal system is predicated on the principle that is it preferable for 10 guilty men to go free than 1 innocent man be found guilty. By Nancy’s worldview, and the sycophantic fans who call up the show and lavish her with praise, it is seemingly better for 100 accused to be summarily lock up than 1 dangerous predator be left roaming the streets.
I suspect that Nancy Grace has successfully capitalized on the frustration people righteously feel over the apparent collapse of true application of justice within our legal system, and shrewdly utillizes this frustration to play at the worst kind of prejudice – premature assumption that anyone processed in the legal system is “probably guilty, or at least guilty of something”, a common notion that is at the heart of the jury selection process.
While she may feel perfectly justified in her approach – indeed, many self annointed “victims advocates” often convince themselves the ends justify the means – they further degrade our already troubled legal system by tainting the jury pool with people who allign their own world view with one closely mirroring hers. I sudder to think that one day I may be accused of a crime and face a jury with a member who has seen Nancy Grace cover my case.

35. Levi - June 11, 2007

Nancy rocks!!!

36. Michelle from Madison - July 17, 2007

Sorry there Levi, you just showed your intelligence-level; it is quite small and inconsistent to the documented facts about Predator Nanxcy Grace. I can only assume you have no higher education in either Law or Psychology. Your comment, Levi, may be percieved by others that you are nothing more than an un-informed idiot. If your comment was more to the tune that Nancy has rocks in her head, then you might be percieved as more accurate.

37. Michelle from Madison - July 17, 2007

Pat Lalama had to, again, fill in for Nancy Grace on her Tuesday July 17th show while Nancy was again treated “in-patient” in one of her three frequented Psych-Wards. Too bad CNN is not yet required to post the lawsuit-loses against people like Pat and Nancy as a footnote to their credibility. They have collectively been successfully sued for millions and millions of dollars in just the past several years, not counting all the lawsuits against them both that they lost before the more recent years. Even Pat appeared as Nancy often does, on some type of medications, drugs, or alcohol, and Pat was so influenced (or under the influence) tonight that she often had to use her hands to help hold her head up tonight. And, both Pat and Nancy are expecting even more lawsuits to be filed against them both from more non-convicted victims, especially Nancy, for the crimes they documented against themselves, including defamation, slander, and libel, as well as for Nancy other crimes like being a contributing factor in the death of more non-convicted people. My goodness, that is four known visits for Nancy back to one of her Psych Wards in just the last six weeks. Sounds like Nancy is nervous again because of the pending lawsuits against her in both state and federal courts. Perhaps it might just be easier if Nancy were to change her approach and stop victimizing non-convicted victims. That approach alone might help save more lives, and Predator Nancy Grace should continue with her court-ordered psychological treatment plans as directed by her CNN required psychologists and her CNN required psychiatrists. Simply put, no more victims should be harmed by Nancy Grace as a direct or indirect result of Predator Nancy Grace’s documented un-professionalism.

38. Michelle from Madison - July 18, 2007

Nancy Grace was proven to be incorrect on more of her assertions and comments regarding the CHRIS BENOIT case on her Wednesday July 18th show. Even many of the guests on her show tonight disagreed with Nancy’s unfounded conclusions. Even the test results of Benoit disagreed with her previous statements and conclusions. How much more documented evidence would Nancy have to see before she would begin to realize she has been wrong all along in this case? To the informed viewers, it is clear why the city of Atlanta threw Nancy out on her butt years ago, and why they removed her ability to ever practice Law anymore anywhere within any of the 50 states of the United States. Did anyone forget she is allegedly involved in the death of a non-convicted young mother of a missing child? Did everyone forget that Nancy has pending Lawsuits against her in both state and federal courts right now, with many more lawsuits against her coming very soon? Time to focus on the reasons why she was thrown out of Atlanta, and why she was first reduced in her “air-time” before Court-TV also canned her butt. There is a definite pattern of her abuse towards victims, and it should stop before anymore people lose their life again as a direct result of Nancy’s documented unprofessionalism.

39. Michelle from Madison - July 19, 2007

Nancy Grace totally screwed up on her show again on Thursday July 19th, when she was again was corrected by almost all of her guests tonight. Nancy “attempted” to cover the issue of the MICHAEL VICK case involving some suspected dog fighting. My goodness, I thought there were missing children and missing adults, but only Nancy chose to see suspected dog-fighting as a higher priority than missing people. Maybe Nancy should educate herself to the facts first, before she sticks her foot back into her own mouth. Now, she does definitely has a big mouth, but being factual might be a welcomed change for this predator of victims. Consider this though, if Nancy truly actually learned the facts of a case, any case, first before she threw out more wrong-accusations and wrong-assertions, that would truly be a nice change for herself. Plus, it would also be the first time than that Nancy would have been accurate, if she could even accomplish that task. While it has not ever happened yet, there still remains hope for her to become accurate since she is still working with her third of three Damage-Control teams, since the other first two quit trying to deal with her psychological problems in the recent months since Nancy alleged may have provoked a psychotically-fragile young mother to commit suicide after Nancy verbally battered this poor young mother of a missing child. Well, it remains clear why Nancy can not practice Law anymore in any of the 50 states of the United States. It is also clear why Court-TV recently reduced her air-time before they too fired her butt, and why CNN still mandates that there be a least one of her Psychologists present on any set where Nancy is expected to have some air-time for CNN. Good move CNN, predator Grace certainly comes across as being nutts……. still!

40. Michelle from Madison - July 23, 2007

Nancy Grace was caught lying again on her Monday July 23rd show, and several of her guests seemed quite annoyed because Nancy appeared so un-professional in the way she tried to cover the case regarding the Liberian national suspect. One of those guests even included Wendy Murphy, who is a proven idiot in her own suit, just like Predator Grace herself. Both have them have been sued successfully multiple time over the years totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars won against both. Nancy even claimed the Judge handling the Liberian case was “in-contempt,“ which is another documented lie. Nancy even claimed “every trial lawyer has tried a case that was three years old.” Which, according to legal documents, is also incorrect. That judge overseeing that case is not “in-contempt” as Nancy also claims, and, there is no pending charge of “in-contempt” pending against that Judge in any court anywhere within the United States. No wonder Nancy cannot practice Law anymore. Well, “un-professional” is all that Predator Grace knows. That is part of the reasons why she has lawsuits pending against her right now in both State and Federal Courts, let alone all those cases she lost over the recent years while she has been an employee of Court-TV and CNN. It is no wonder why Court-TV fired her butt. And, it is no wonder why Nancy Grace was thrown out of Atlanta years ago, and why she can no longer ever practice Law anymore anywhere within any of the 50 states of the United States. Perhaps a better approach for this fat idiot might be to simply stop victimizing more victims. With more lawsuits expected against Predator Grace in the near future, it is clear why she does not possess the mental capacity to even host a show of any kind. Her CNN-mandated psychological treatment does not appear to be working.

41. Michelle from Madison - July 24, 2007

Nancy Grace was proven wrong, again, on her Tuesday July 24th show. She was actually torn up by her guests tonight, all of her guests, as she was verbally-battered and made to appear the fool Nancy Grace has documented herself to be. Ouch. My goodness, that show was a tough one for Nancy. Perhaps Nancy will never bring up the name of LINDSAY LOHAN again, at least not until the lawsuit(s) have been filed by Lohan’s attorney in an upcoming lawsuits for defamation by Grace against another non-convicted victim. Nancy did state that she herself wants to go to a rehab facility that can treat alcoholism and drug addictions, which is a good recognition made again by Predator Grace. She further stated that she plans to move into “Promises Treatment Facility,” and hopefully she will do that soon. Good for you Nancy, get some help for your documented problems. Sounds like Nancy should try maybe about 5 years or so of inpatient treatment to help her with her acknowledged alcoholism and other addictions. Good luck Nancy, the victims could surely benefit from the break when you are again “incarcerated.” Tonight’s show emphasized, again, why this is part of the reasons why Predator Nancy Grace has lawsuits pending against her right now in both State and Federal Courts, with more suits expected soon by other non-convicted persons vilified by Predator Grace like the Duke Lacrosse team. Let alone all those cases she lost over the recent years while she has been an employee of Court-TV and CNN. It is no wonder why Court-TV fired her butt recently. And, it is no wonder why Nancy Grace was thrown out of Atlanta years ago, and why she can no longer ever practice Law anymore anywhere within any of the 50 states of the United States. Perhaps a better approach for this fat idiot might be to simply stop victimizing more victims. With more lawsuits expected against Predator Grace in the near future, it is clear why she does not possess the mental capacity to even host a show of any kind. Her CNN-mandated psychological treatment does not appear to be working.

42. Travis - August 9, 2007

The line between journalistic inquisitiveness and legal inquiry was breached by Nancy Grace. Best legal systems recommend ‘ 1000 guily going unpunished but not a single innocent suffer’.
Judiciary must deal an exemplary punishment to this woman..
Paris Hilton and Martha Stewarts are angels compared to this one!!

43. Michelle from Madison - August 18, 2007

Suggestion to help save the trapped Utah miners.
The Utah mine disaster has turned into a monumental problem to rescue trapped miners. A simple solution to this dilemma: Have CNN mandate Nancy Grace out of her in-patient psych-hospital right now, and place Nancy down in the Utah mine with a lengthy written-script for her to read out-loud. Direct her mouth towards the areas where they need removal of coal, support beams, and timbers, and by having Nancy speak out loud, it will generate enough hot air to help cause the coal and beams to incinerate and disappear, and will then allow passage by some rescue-miners to help finally locate some of the missing miners. Get a court-order if necessary to get Nancy back out of her Houston psych-hospital, and get her mouth finally working for victims for a change. While it would truly be the first time Nancy Grace would have ever affected a positive change for any victim, at least it is a start. Apparently, her doctors have objected thus far to all efforts to have Nancy released early from her psych-ward. But, there remains victims that are in need of some monumental volumes of hot air, and Nancy has proven she can generate that volume of hot-air needed to incinerate everything in her path. Victims lives are at stake, the doctors need to release Nancy right now and have her travel with a doctor to prevent Nancy from drinking herself into another fall like she just did again weeks ago. Nancy really should stop her alcoholic and non-stop drinking, especially if she is pregnant as she claims right now. She certainly comes across as the drunk she actually is.

44. Michelle from Madison - August 24, 2007

Nancy Grace is in desperate need of a Proctologist after she was reamed repeatedly, over and over, during the taping of her Friday Aug 24th show. Ouch! My goodness, how many times was Nancy proven wrong tonight, I lost track after 24 errors on her part. Nancy should have learned the facts of the LISA NOWACK case first, before Nancy stuck her foot back in her own mouth, and other places. What a total goof she was tonight, what a shame, and what a true disgrace. See your Proctologist Nancy, and maybe that might help to correct some damage you did to yourself tonight. It is clear that you cannot continue to show up at work intoxicated, it is really not working well for you. Have fun at your Proc visit.

45. thymmeheneisy - September 6, 2007
46. Michelle from Madison - September 17, 2007

Nancy Grace “attempted” to cover the story of the O.J. case tonight on Monday September 17th, but Nancy really screwed up, again, big-time. She proved again that she does not possess the capacity to cover any case where she had been proven wrong over and over again. Many people would have suspected that O.J. may have some liability in the charges he may be facing right now. But, after watching Nancy’s coverage of this case, it now appears that O.J. may not be liable for anything in this case, and he may again walk away with little or no penalties. And, apparently with Nancy’s blessing. It is not illegal to retrieve your own property, according to some experts covering this case. They also indicated that O.J. had no knowledge or anyone possessing any firearms when they were all invited into that place. It is very likely that O.J. will not be convicted of the crimes he has been arrested on, and Nancy will be proven wrong again, and this may be the case-coverage where CNN actually takes steps against Nancy to silence herr illegal deformational and slanderous comments. Court-TV has already done that to Predator Grace. By the looks of Nancy tonight, it appears quite clear she will be back into one of her three Psych-wards very soon. For the first time in a long while, Nancy did not appear to be as drunk as she usually is. That, is a good sign for her. Her drunkenness has already resulted in her breaking her foot two times in as many months while at the property of CNN. Check out those websites covering her alcoholic “functioning alcoholic” issues about Nancy, they truly are interesting. One has to wonder what the status of her investigation is at pertaining to the possible removal of the expected twins. Odds right now by some sites are still at 8-to-2 odds against retention by Nancy. The children will have to be saved from this Predator. At least it is being monitored and investigated.

47. Michelle from Madison - September 26, 2007

CNN may fire Nancy Grace.over SPECTOR case. Nancy was proven wrong again on the Phil Spector case where Nancy stated, repeatedly, that Spector would certainly be found guilty of all charges against him, and she alluded to Spector never being out as a free man again. Oops, Nancy screwed up again. Nancy’s latest screw-up does maintain her record as being incorrect about every single case she has ever covered thus far on some point or another. It turns out the SPECTOR was not found guilty of all charges, the jury apparently deadlocked and the case was called a mistrial. Apparently, according to reports thus far, it is not even certain if the prosecutors will even attempt to retry this case again. There is also a rumor going around that CNN will maintain Nancy only for a very short time, and will discharge her and not allow her to return to CNN after her maternity leave. Good for CNN. Victims needs protection from Predators like Nancy Grace.


48. Sharon - November 9, 2007

Regarding Michelle from Madisons comment.
Nancy Grace may have been wrong in assuming Spector would have been proven guilty, many of us believed he surely was guilty. I think what Nancy forgot was, if you are a celebrity, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you won’t be convicted. Jury members are so stupidly star struck, they can only see the “star” infront of them.
I don’t always agree with Nancy Grace, but i hope she’s on for a long time!

49. Michelle from Madison - December 9, 2007

Late on Saturday night, December 8th, a Fox show named “The Soup” had a segment where they really bashed Nancy for just being Nancy. The worst jab was when the news broadcaster laughed at Nancy for “naturally getting pregnant at age 60.” In all due respect to that show, Nancy is way too old to have kids at this late-stage in her life. Those kids will still be in high-school when Nancy is at the age-of-retirement. That, alone, is child-abuse in and of itself. What a stupid reason for Nancy to have kids just to get a tax-credit. Plus, her name is not legally Nancy Grace anyways. That must be her planned-defense in some of her upcoming lawsuits against her for her for crimes including the documented unprofessional and illegal conduct against a mother of a missing young child. Nancy must plan to say on the stand “You can’t sue me, I am not Nancy Grace, I got married and changed my name. You have the wrong person here.”

50. createmo - November 2, 2008

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51. Dave Ajieren - July 20, 2011

It’s amazing to research Nancy Grace in 2011, and realize that she has been a tyrant for this long. Like I mentioned on Huffington Post. We all need to pray for her, because after the trauma she experienced in 1979, she has never been the same since. She is confused and bewildered and seriously lacking the love and affection she seemed to have experienced with her ex fiance. I wish I can get access to her; I will let her know that she can find peace and tranquility by accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior.

52. J. - September 4, 2011

The Georgia Bar lists her as “Inactive Member”? What’s the story?

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