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Pope, Please Stay out of Canadian Politics September 12, 2006

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Ontario Bishops were lectured by Catholic Pope Benedict XVI during a routine meeting that takes place every five years. Among other things, the pope suggested that Canada has gone too far by legalizing abortion and gay marriages throughout the country. Suggesting that, “In the name of tolerance, your country has had to endure the folly of the redefinition of spouse and, in the name of ‘freedom of choice,’ it is confronted with the daily destruction of unborn children.” All is well and good, I suppose, the Vatican’s stance on these issues is nothing new. But he went on to suggest that the Catholic members of parliament should be aware of this by saying, “Catholic involvement in political life cannot compromise on this principle.” What I take from his comments is that he suggests that catholic members of parliament use their power to change things back to the way he thinks things should be. Considering nearly 44% of Canadians claim to be Roman Catholic, I predict there are a lot of members of parliament to whom the message is directed at. Yet, considering the population of Canada is generally a moderate one, I doubt these papal demands will launch any new debate regarding abortion and gay marriage within parliament. Note will be taken, and life will surely go on as usual.

Regardless of this, it frustrates me that the pope wishes to use his dwindling influence in the political sphere. Canada doesn’t have a state religion, the pope’s influence should be absent in the house of commons. The Separate School Board of Ontario (Ie. Catholic) is already publicly funded thanks to section twenty-nine of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Similar to what has been seen so many times throughout history, equal rights for all generally comes with special rights for some. As the country’s most popular religions, Roman Catholics and Protestants are granted these special rights in terms of government funding in their schools schools. Considering this exclusive funding, I find it humorous that the Pope suggested earlier this year that Canada was, “suffering from the pervasive effects of secularism”. It’s not as if the government isn’t trying, considering the separate school system remains (regardless of UN suggestions that the selective rights system was unfair). Just like the tobacco companies have always known, it’s better to get them while they’re young.

From my experience, as someone who was in the separate school board until high school, the Pope truly has a huge advantage as far as recruitment goes. I was a believer and followed through with all the rituals and customs that went along with the faith. I believed in the body and blood of Jesus Christ just as I would have believed in Xenu, the alien ruler of the Galactic Confederacy, had Scientology been the dominant religion. I suppose that the Pope is merely doing his job, to spread his faith to the people. Right after saying that Canadians were suffering the pervasive effects of secularism as mentioned above, he suggested that, “the plummeting birth rate” was proof of it. What more proof could one need. The direct correlation between not believing in the Catholic God and birth rate has always been known. China and India, and most of Africa (after colonialism) for example, are all countries which have some of the largest catholic populations in the world and therefore have huge populations. Mind you, none of that is true. Population control is something Catholicism discusses, but so has every other culture throughout history. This has become a mess of an entry. In regards to the Pope’s suggestion that Canadians have been allowed too many rights (gay marriage) and that Catholic MPs should do something about it, Gilles Marchildon pointed out, that to his surprise, “the pope doesn’t realize that gate can swing both ways.” Indeed, one of these days, the government may have enough of the Vatican’s attempted influence and restrict the special rights given to the Catholics in the country.



1. james geddes - September 13, 2006

As a Canadian living in Texas these past 24 years and witnessing from afar the “Sodom and Gomorraization ” of my once delightful country, it is sad to see how pervasive the “forces of darkness” have penetrated into the hearts and souls of evidently otherwise intelligent people. Obviously the Pope will largely be ignored. Unfortunately for Canada, he is correct!

2. Robert Fulton - September 14, 2006

As a Canadian living in Vancouver I think the use of the term”forces of darkness” is just a little extreme, don’t you. The gays just want to live their lives and achieve some happiness as they see it. I say let them do what they want to do and don’t be so judgemental.

3. james geddes - September 20, 2006

Dear Robert Fulton;

Life is “extreme”. You obviously should know that! I am perfectly free to “judge” my fellow Canadians (and myself) and will continue to do so! Jim Geddes

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