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9/11 World Trade Center Casualties Equals U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq War August 16, 2006

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Updated Article/Image Available Here

In less than a month the tragic events of September 11th 2001 will recognize its fifth anniversary. New audio tapes have been released in recent weeks and again today as a way to share with the population further examples of how the victims responded to the events as they were unfolding. Yet, this week is significant for reasons of a related matter. It is during this week that the number of U.S. Deaths (2,601) confirmed by the Department of Defense in the Iraq War will outnumber the confirmed lives claimed in the World Trade Center Towers (2,602) on that historic date. This mention is definitely one of symbolism, as everything else I might say has already been discussed.



1. Camilo - August 16, 2006

It is also significant that as of yesterday, the USA has been in Iraq longer than it was involved in WWII

2. GJ - August 17, 2006

It is also significant that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the Twin Towers and Pentagon being attacked.

3. Cy - August 17, 2006

If the accounts of the Blitz that I have read are true as I believe them to be, the first Nazi air raid on London (on the East End Docks where the houses were packed, close around the curves) killed about the same number you mention. I had spent 7 months in the womb with 8 weeks to wait before breathing the air of old York, 320 kilometres to the North. Le plus ca change, le plus les meme choses. Big deal. What else is new? Has Mafeking been relieved yet. C’est la vie; c’est la guerre. The (eternal) War on Error has got to be fought. Mind you, prevention is better than cure. Sucking up to tyrants for oil does not help. Sucking up to domestic Green-Fascists and not drilling for new USA oil does not help either. cyquick.wordpress.com

4. Cy - August 17, 2006

PS: I thought the latest, believed fianl, number on 11 September 2006 was 2,973

5. grytpype - August 26, 2006

Yeah, 2602 sounds too small.

But it is inevitable that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld will be responsible for more US death than Bin Laden, maybe sometime next summer.

6. earthlingconcerned - August 26, 2006

The number is based on those lost in the twin towers. Source was wikipedia.

7. Marc - August 26, 2006

And we all know Wikipedia is the foremost authority on all that is accurate. The actual number is 2948 acc to the Sept 11 victims website…this doesn’t include Pentagon deaths…but hey its not like people like you haven’t exaggerated statistics to prove your point before

8. Your Father - August 26, 2006

Not that I doubt your numbers Marc, or your slightly different ones “Cy” But while wikipedia may not be the “foremost authority on all that is accurate” I seem to notice that neither of you have quoted any source at all. Am i supposed to assume that you yourself are that “foremost authority”?

For the somewhat obtuse (who never played connect the dots as a kid) saying “Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11” is like saying Chernobyl has nothing to do with the Cold War, or that Viet Nam and Cuba had nothing to do with Russia. Do you really think if the September 11th attacks hadn’t have happened, the US would still invade Iraq? FearMongering and the compromising of Human Rights in the name of national security is only possible when there is something for the masses to fear (scapegoat).



9. Ryan - August 26, 2006

Marc actually states that his numbers are from the September 11th Victims Website.

Touché Salesman.

10. killbenbo - August 26, 2006

Your father, calm the fuck down. Whoa big guy lay off marc and cy. Since you seem to be so concerned with stats and sources, where are your sources proving a link between 9/11 and Iraq? As of your statement it seriously stinks of ass, as in you pulled it out of yours.

11. Cy - August 27, 2006

Cy here again. My source was a single remark on Fox News Channel. But I now realise that I cannot say whether it was the NYC deaths only, or the total deaths related to the four hijacked flights that day. SORRY about that sloppy un-sourced assertion. My point (I am not being anti-USA) is that the loony-left are trying to make a big deal out of a 3,000-death single attack and convince USA to cave in. UK, and the Continent (as we hit back under the leadership of Arthur Harris), lost vastly greater numbers. Yanks in UK from 1942 to D-Day lived through the blitz and danced the night away to Glenn Miller tunes before the time of Vengence came. Some survivors turned pacifist, as often happens. But I hope you may find a few who survived (older than me, 65, I was a kid) who will tell you “Quit your snivelling self-pity and get stuck the Hell in!”

12. Cy - August 27, 2006

PS from Cy. My source for the 3,000 approx death toll from the first Luft-Vaffah (phonetic spelling) raid on London was from a TV documentary on UK History. It would orginally have been a BBC production I imagine. Goering was bombing RAF bases. We bombed in occupied areas of the Continent, trying for Luftwaffe bases. WE hit near Berlin and some civilians died. Hitler ordered the London raid. “The Few” downed more German fighters than we lost. Hitler put off invasion of UK. Russia copped it, but squashed Hitler in the lash back. Now we is all buddies. Same deal with other parts of Earth -is next step. Long overdue! The West is best, not because it is west, but because it evolved from the long fight of intellectuals forbidden to think, against perverts UNABLE to think. (Fuck me! That last bit is good! First time I used it. Unless I am unconsciously quoting, of course.)

13. John the US Marine - September 12, 2006

Since you mentioned WW2 anyone know how many US Marines were killed in first 12 hours of the assualt on Tarawa? How about in 30 days on Guadacanal? How about in 30 days on Iwo Jima which was like most of the islands taken to provide an airbase.

The deaths of our troops and some of my friends as a US Marine in Iraq are indeed sad but I am well over this ghoulish obsession on how many have died when in reality war creates casualties. Having said all that I realize you do not care about the facts behind those deaths and you certainly do not care about how your constant grumbling about the deaths effect us as troops. You only have some childish want to see your party or your guy (or gal) win an election. Sickening.

You on the left are too worried about “getting” Bush and you are on the right are too busy saying Bush has done everything right. Of course there are varying degrees on both sides but interestingly enough I never hear any of you lefties or righties asking us how WE feel about it. Sickening political hacks.

Oh and in case you care… We for the most part are aware of how important this effort is and are more than willing to do multiple tours there in the sand box. Meanwhile you hacks please feel free to argue politics from the safety of your little burbs. We’ll still protect you as you eat your bon bons and get softer.

So you folks continue to sit in your little home offices typing madly away on forums like this thinking you know what is going on. Brits are being lied too and so are the Americans. We do the raids we see the intel from the computers these guys have, we see their papers and the crap they scribble on the walls.

We know THIER govt’s push hate against us and our policies because THEY don’t want to be drug out of their palaces and beheaded by these lunatics. So it is easier and better to foment hate against to countries like US and England. Keep arguing about how many brave Brits died in a Luftwaffe raid that will REALLY help. Too bad those folks didn’t survive so they could pull England’s collective heads out of their asses. Meanwhile I’ll continue to pray that Brits never have a 911 lke we did.

You politically charged citizens who love your parties more than you love your country are as sick as those we fight. Go away already…

And don’t bother arguing this with me I just happened across this site during a search while on leave. I’ll be busy doing other things very soon and won’t be wasting time with a bunch of hacks.

14. Cy - September 12, 2006

Response to the comment by John the US Marine, even though he will not read this. I cannot argue with a word of what John said! It was magnificently written and we are honoured!

But my point (I ought to have stated it clearly) was that Europeans including British already HAD a whole bunch of “911” events years ago. I can take you round this conurbation and show you the sites. About 300 Commonwealth servicemen died in the basement canteen at the Hotel Metropole where KFC now stands. A bomb came down the lift shaft.

The leftie implication that we should quit if anyone dies sickens me after the sacrifice of previous generations, and of this generation. The fact that I am a cowardly piece of shit (never using the ‘M’ word or the ‘I’ word in my blog, or comments, for fear of you know who) and that I never served a minute in uniform is indeed a good reason for my views to impress nobody.


15. Nicholas Vara - November 13, 2006

Not true, if Saddam Hussein hadn’t been an international outlaw, if he hadn’t invaded Kuwait in 1991, the United States would never have had to put troops in Saudi Arabia which is what started all this in the first place. Nevermind the man murdered 600,000 Iraqis and as late as July 2001 threated to attack New York City though the Iraqi state media. Geopolitically Iraq had everything to do with 9/11 nevermind if Saddam planned it, his being a gangster is what caused it.

16. maldive viaggi - January 10, 2007

maldive viaggi


17. Serafino Raimondo - September 19, 2007

when you say it’s ove. Serafino Raimondo.

18. Mica Kingsley - October 21, 2007

they’ll have you suicidal,suicida. Mica Kingsley.

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