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Why Bill Gates is my Hero August 11, 2006

Posted by earthlingconcerned in Philanthropy, United Nations.

It was just a few days ago that I wrote an article about the recent emergence of the new philanthropist movement. With Bill Gates and Warren Buffett promising billions of dollars towards a mélange of disease related research, I argued that this will hopefully be a sign of things to come (I’m looking at your Paul Allen). With the sixteenth annual AIDS Conference starting this Sunday, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a further $500 million (USD) pledge towards the United Nations’ Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This comes mere weeks a similar donation of $287 million (USD) by the foundation to a series of HIV/Aids research teams across the world. It will be pointed out that these donations could still be considered small time expenditures considering what the countries of the world promise on a yearly basis. Actions, sadly, do speak louder than words.

Canada, the conferences host country, was said to be a pioneer in terms of being committed to getting large scale generic medications to those most in need when it announced Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime. The intention of the law was to strong arm pharmaceutical firms within the country to allow for generic recreations of their drugs provided they were used by countries that couldn’t afford to buy the brand name. But as per usual when it comes to this sort of thing, there was a blemish in the plan in that it was up to the pharmaceutical firms to voluntarily discuss conditions in which their drug can be generically reproduced. And with a new conservative government in power, it seems like the actual urgency of the issue will be swept aside even longer. It looks like Prime Stephen Minister Harper is avoiding the Aids conference for a reason after all. Stephen Lewis, the United Nations special envoy on AIDS, on the other hands is taking on the issue with hesitation. He recently stated his displeasure with how his country was acting, “I feel almost personally duped, I actually believed, with a charming innocence, that the government of Canada, Liberal and Conservative, would take this act seriously. I made a significant error.” As of today, none of the generic drugs under the above regime have made it to their intended targets. Two years is more than a slight delay when it comes to saving lives.

HIV/Aids drug cocktails have improved so much in the last few years that a person living in the first world can expect to live a regular life, and have less fear of passing the disease to their loved ones. But there is no cure and the first world isn’t the scene where the major concern lies. Much of sub-Saharan Africa is currently facing an epidemic that has rarely been seen throughout human history. A generation of orphans is quickly emerging on the one continent that can least afford it. Yet of the G8 countries, only France is delivering on its fair share of contributions to the Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This fund is currently supporting millions of those inflicted with the diseases but the question of sustainability of funds has always irked those working within the group. The new five year commitment by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation allows for a cushion which will hopefully lead other similar contributions by others with the means to do so. And similar contributions are most definitely needed.

In total, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation has pledged a whopping 650 million (USD) over the next five years. Yet, this only makes up 7.3% of what the rest of the world has promised to the fund. But as of current, the rest of the world has only come through with 64.4% of their pledge amount (I recommend visiting the Global Funds website for more information). The next highest non-governmental donation comes from Project(Red), an attempt started by Bono and Bobby Shriver to recruit big businesses to the donations table. Currently its partners, including giants like American Express, Carphone Warhouse, Converse, Gap, Giorgio Armani and Motorola, have come up with $10.26 million. The efforts alone are tremendous but pale in comparison to what has been offered by Bill Gates. A man, whose policies as CEO of Microsoft all these years has made him public enemy #1 on the nerd circuit is showing that his recent activity will guarantee him a spot in most influential lists for decades to come.

Sure, the operating system programmed by his company has its flaws and the bullying Microsoft has done over the years can be seen as downright illegal in many cases. But Microsoft is just taking advantage of the capitalist system that spawned it, and thanks to Anti-trust cases against them, are forced to know their limitations. Bill Gates might represent Microsoft and its evil ways to many, but as an individual, he is in the process of contributing to something bigger than Microsoft can ever be. It seems to me that he is forging his legacy today, instead of during his time with the company he created. It is because of all of these reasons, why I titled this article the way I did. And just for kicks, I should clarify that Bill Gates didn’t start Microsoft alone. Paul Allen, as I mentioned before, your turn next. It’s time for you to sell your Trailblazers and make your mark. Go Paul Allen, it’s your birthday…



1. dannyhaszard - August 11, 2006

Yes Bill Gates is cool i have a website and i see that 90% of users who log on have microsofts IE.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,Daniel Haszard http://www.zyprexa-victims.com

2. firozali A.Mulla - August 15, 2006

What Bill has done no Great 8 could do. The reason is simple. Since the globalization all the IMF, The World Trade and the Word Bank work within the framework of the USA’s guidelines. The Economy is dead and the globalization has more problems then solved. These are the views of the new economist. They are right. Poor remain poor and the rich become rich. This is when Bill comes up with the fantastic offer of money and management of this money via the foundation. IMF or the loan given to the poor remain at the interest so high that the countries receiving bleed from the exports and minimize their imports just to meet their budgets that never actually happened because of the graft is in every corner.

3. Gladys Fellows - September 16, 2006

Bill and Melinda Gates have put millions into helping literacy in America and have poured a lot of money into libraries in underdeveloped areas of the United States. I applaud them for this. Reading and Writing are important components of the Employability Skills and this investment if forward thinking on their behalf. They are using their monies well and as a Teacher, I thank them. From Canada

4. Ms Juliana Mutabaaazi - November 13, 2006

Dear Bill & Melinda,

I have read and seen and appreciated the work in form of contributions & donations to combat the level of iliteracy in africa partly caused by diseases like malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS etc. However, in africa, here in Uganda the level of literacy is still up mainly because of prolonged wars that have left many widows & orphans homeless with no bread earners. The level of school drop outs increases annually thus the increase of STD’s & HIV/AIDS.

Am one of teh the many widows with 3 orphanns whom I have managed to educate to a level of A & O level respectively but feel I cant take them furhter unless otherwise.

My humble request is, are there any funds to asisst widows or orphans of this nature.

mobile +256 772 969424
Kampala, Uganda

5. Fran - July 2, 2007
6. Oladimeji S.Olatunbosun - July 19, 2007

Good day Sir, My name is Oladimeji S.Olatunbosun…I have a foundation here in Nigeria and i have been working and trying to develop the Foundation based on Widows and Orphan Becos i have passed through the condition and i have it as a vision to Build an Solid Foundation…But Im lacking Support and Fund to make the Dream Come True…Sir I trust in God and I hope You are Going to support and help the Foundation Financailly and Morally.
God Bless You..
Yours in Christ. From West Africa In Nigeria.

7. Brenda Cox - November 20, 2007

Dear Mr Gates,

I think outside of the box and I think big. This year, I am the Committee Chair for the 48th Annual Pullman Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction, held at Lincoln Middle School December 1, 2007. I would be pleased to add to the Silent Auction fare 1 or 2 donated laptop computers. Pullman Kiwanis members are a group of movers and shakers invested in their community that strive to make a difference and leave a positive impact.

Thank you for your consideration,

Brenda Cox

8. Alice Nelson - May 1, 2008

The program officer,
Glory to God who has led us to your wonderful website as we were doing some surfing. We praise God for He has led us to exactly what we dearly long for. Thewell crafted and massege in your website has motivated us to write and send this mail to your very respected office with much honor requesting you to help us reach our vision of assisting the needy,Orphans,Widows,Widowers, abandoned and disable children here in Kenya.
Our group is termed as the Kenya Nestle for Orphans and Widows support group.This is a Christian based organizations. It was established and registered as the community Development group, but as we write to you we’re planning to register it as the NGO HERE IN Kenya.
This organization is also taking care of the victims of HIV/AIDS.
The group’s office bearers are Widows and widowers. It’s therefore run by these needy persons. Although we’ll be much grateful if you could accept to give us some grants, but what dearly needis some one or some people who could come and teach the health and social workers,giving them the technical advice and training especially in HIV/AIDS counseling.We would also appreciate if the team should comprise of the spiritual teachers as well.
There are thousands of valiant individuals at the grassroots level who are devoting their lives to caring for these children in thoughtful, effective and innovative ways. Oftentimes, they simply lack sufficient resources to sustain and grow their efforts as well us the technical knowledge. Unfortunately, they also often miss the attention of outside donors because of their lack of visibility.

WE’RE READY TO GIVE YOU FURTHER DETAILS CONCERNING THIS GROUP and our church.The extracts from your website pasted here below really motivated us to pray for God to work ways that you accept our humble plea. May God bless you as we remain longing for a positive response from you.
Yours faithfully,
Alice Nelson.
Groups coordinator.

9. william wachira - July 13, 2008

my name is william wachira.

i hail from kenya. i am involved in dessimating ict knowledge to people in rural areas of kenya.

i am in need of a laptop so that i can be preparing the lessons in advance or i can carry the lapttop to areas with no electricity.

please if you can donate a lapt top to me i will be very grateful which i will use to impart change. please reach me through my email address wachirawg@yahoo.com or my physical address william wachira

p.o. box 1215-00900 kiambu kenya.

i look forward to a positive reply from you.

yours Faithfully,
William Wachira

10. Consuelo C. Soriano - July 31, 2008

Hi I am Consuelo C. Soriano from the third world country Philippines. I would like to request if Bill Gates if he can help the widows in the Philippines. A lot of them are neglected without food and money to buy medicines in their old sick body. I know them because my mother is a widow and I am also a widow. I know how they feel and became my burden to help them. Would you help usMr Bill Gates please? God bless you.


11. Akinwole saheed bolarinwa - August 19, 2008

Can Bill assist me financial to further my education abroad i just got admission to a university to study air craft engineering and i have financial lapses.

I would be glad if bill my can sponsor my education


12. muweesi charles - December 5, 2008

to bill gates am muweesi charlesin uganda eastafrica a student of makerere university and a chairman executive KAMUA youth empowerment group and this is a non goverment, nonpolitical,non profitable and voluntary group of students from 4 universities of makerere, kyambogo,ndejje and nkumba we aim at empowering the youth about the scourge of HIV/AIDS and ways of controlling it and currently we have reached districts of mukono,luwero,nakaseke,nakasongola,mityana and kayunga visting both secondary and primary schools and sacrificing all the little we have to the needy. but right now we have met some challenges like; we lack a website to announce our group worldwide, transport as you know we deal in rural areas, and we also lack sponsers and machines like computers to keep record of our work. now kindly sir am requesting you to assist us and we fulill our set objectives as wellas requesting you to open for our group a website and also a laptop for record purposes. and if you can get for us sponsers to support some vulnarable children in our areas who are suffering. i end by thanking you for the good work you are doing and i pray to God that He continues to bless you. muweesi charles chairman executive KAMUA youth empowerment group.

13. masembe david, kazibwe frank, muweesi charles, semakula nuah,kazooba,nabyonga diana, kabombo willy of makerere university katikamu south students association - February 5, 2009

makerere university katikamu south students association thru the Billgates and Melinda FOUNDATION is looking for sponsership in its second semester programmes to change the lives of our fellow members in the constituency. the association includes the following members:MUWEESI CHARLES-Chairman executive
semakula nuah-vice c/man, kazibwe frank-tresurer, masembe david-president,wasswa husein-vice president, nabuufu juliet, nabyonga diana-secretary general, kazooba -speaker,

14. chris - March 18, 2009

i m looking to some one who can help me to push my organisation which fis fighting HIV/AIDS in south africa

15. Esmie Tauzi - March 20, 2009

Am a Malawian and last week on 12th March, 2009, I and other women visited one of a Secondary School in Malawi called Stella Maris which is near
where we reside, and we chatted with almost 18 students who have just selected Form 1 and is a Boarding School, but from that 18 about 2 are Form 2 and 1 is a Form 3 Student. When the Deputy Headmistress was
narrating the whole story how these students came, we felt sorry and
concerned because they just come without anything, no school fees, groceries, some came with only 2 clothes in a plastic bag without shoes only wearing slippers. Some no blankets. When we returned back
we discussed how we can help them and may be we can manage to help 2 only. Because there is Fees, School Uniform, Fee for Computer which we can’t afford to help them all. Our Group is called Sunnyside Womens Group. Sometimes we visit the sick in the hospitals and Orphans places to give them what we have and sharing them some words from the Bible. So I don’t if you can be assisting us. Last meeting we had we discussed that maybe we can be buying Second Clothes, Duvet/Bed Sheets and sell them in order to help these needy people. Waiting to hear from you soon. May God Bless You.

16. Courageous - April 27, 2010

Dear donor(sir gate)

do u know dat in Africa 33% of children are suffer frm illetracy. Most of dis child either came frm a poor home or being ophans,seen in d streets and suffering frm disease like malaria.
Wen am ask why i care for dis children, i take little docas.she’s neva hold a pen or even know how too spell her name.she ws seen in the streets.bt am proud to say she’s hapi cos she see’s educatn as fun as playing.ask her wat she wanna be and she says an engineer.
Pls sir we beg dat u invest in the life’s of al dis kids.i need ur finacial support.AFRICAN NEEDS ATENTION.
U cn contact me by mail(vergil2verg@yahoo.com).

17. Courageous - April 27, 2010

Dear donor(sir gate)

do u know dat in Africa 33% of children are suffer frm illetracy. Most of dis child either came frm a poor home or being ophans,seen in d streets and suffering frm disease like malaria.
Wen am ask why i care for dis children, i take little docas.she’s neva hold a pen or even know how too spell her name.she ws seen in the streets.bt am proud to say she’s hapi cos she see’s educatn as fun as playing.ask her wat she wanna be and she says an engineer.
Pls sir we beg dat u invest in the life’s of al dis kids.i need ur finacial support. U cn contact me by mail(vergil2verg@yahoo.com).

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